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Great Writing Hints For A Research Paper: APA Cover Page

Are you trying to write a quality research paper? I've found this site that will offer excellent tips and hints which are tried and tested ways of creating excellent dissertations using the APA format. There are various formats that are recommended by institutions or specific supervisors for the creation of a research paper. The main formats are APA, MLA and Chicago and each of them has an appropriate title page, reference format, in-text citing and overall presentation format.

APA is one of the most widely used formats especially in the field of social sciences. A good understanding of the format is a positive step towards creating excellent research papers. This is a very simple format which makes the work very presentable to the readers. The fact that most scholars prefer this format is not a mistake. It is perfect!

The format consists of a number of elements. They include:

The Cover Page

The APA cover page is simple. It is the first page and only contains the details of the authorship of the research paper. It contains the following:

{Title of the Paper}

{Student Name}


{Course Name}

{Instructor’s Name}


These sections are filled and centered on the first page of the research paper. The cover page also has a slightly different header compared to the rest of the pages. It is written as: ‘Running Head: Header’. The rest of the headers are done the normal way. The choice of header should be a shortened version of the topic.

The APA format recommends the use of the font Times New Roman size 12 and the work is double spaced. This is usually a clear and distinct font that is easy to read. The overall presentation is second to none. It portrays professionalism and if quality work is done, the results will always be outstanding.


The APA referencing is simple. The Internet era has made referencing much easier. The references of all the major formats are available ready-made from the Internet. The APA references generally contain the names of the authors, the year of publication, the title of the publication and the source it is obtained from.

The in-text citations are equally easy to insert. The format is basically (Author’s name, Year of Publication). This is very easy and it is inserted next to a quote or a paraphrased quote that is obtained from a different source. The best way to reference your work is to do it as you write. Do not wait to do it after completing the work because you may forget some of the sources.

Hence you should start writing the reference section immediately you start creating the research paper. Alternatively, you can use footnotes.

These are great hints that will assist you to write a research paper using the APA format. It is very simple and these explanations must have made them even simpler. Follow the hints closely and enjoy your research paper writing experience.